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Smartphone Titan Crash: Samsung Galaxy VS Google Pro

  Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Design, Specs, and Features To get an overview of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, read on with its design, specs, and features. This section highlights the foldable screen design, three camera setup, processor, and battery. Foldable Screen Design The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3's foldable design is a big feature. You can make it small like a phone or open it up into a tablet-like screen. Here's what the foldable screen design looks like: Specification Details Screen Size Internal Display: 7.6 inches External Display: 6.2 inches Resolution Internal Display: 2208 x 1768 px External Display: 2260 x 832 px Refresh rate Variable up to 120Hz Three Camera Setup The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has an impressive camera setup. It has a Triple Lens Camera Setup, each serving a different purpose. The primary 12MP sensor offers great quality photos, the ultrawide lens captures wide-angle shots, and the telephoto camera has an optical zoom. This combination of lenses creates grea